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Time, peace of mind and structure with a virtual assistant.

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What we do

Virtual Assistants

Administrative tasks including email management, calendar management, document creation.

Business administration including client management, day to day business admin tasks, lead generation, etc. 

Personal assistant including personal tasks including calendar management, shopping, appointment scheduling, etc

Social Media Managers

Profile optimisation, content creation, hashtag optimisation, monthly audits / reports, engagement, content scheduling, video editing, community management, email marketing.

Project Managers

Manage projects on your behalf including events, marketing campaigns, construction, HR and more.

Hire a virtual assistant to get the support you need to expand and build your business. Delegating non-profit generating and repetitive tasks is essential to business growth and our skilled pool of virtual assistants can provide you with the structure you need to do what you do best. Start your journey towards expansion today.

Hello, I’m Bernadette

Don't be shy, take the step and let's get started.

I have been running QPA Virtual Assistants for 3 years we have accumulated a team of skilled, devoted and professional virtual assistants to meet your needs.


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What People Are Saying

Great service, super proactive and ready to partner with you! Having a great experience!


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