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Become A QPA Virtual Assistant

​​QPA Virtual Assistants offers you a unique opportunity to run your own virtual assistant business, working the hours you choose and from a location that suits you, while trading under the globally recognised QPA brand. It’s a tried-and-tested model, providing franchise owners with a secure, recession-proof business and an impressive return on investment.

Build Your Own Business

Unlike starting your own business from scratch, where you’d have to tackle all the startup costs, challenges and risks on your own, you’ll have the full support of our dedicated, friendly QPA support team and you get to trade under the global QPA brand, helping you hit the ground running straightaway.


What do I do as a QPA Franchise owner?

Set Up Your Business

With our assistance create the infrastructure for your QPA Virtual Assistant business.

Set Your Pricing

Choose your pricing, adjust where necessary and run promotions

Build a team

As you grow you will need to expand your team to meet demand. We will support you through this process.

Find Clients

We invest in consistent and quality lead generation tools to support the growth of our businesses. in addition you need to build your business through outreach.

Personal Development

As a business owner you need to take control of your growth and development to offer the best possible services.

Are You Eligible?

To ensure that this is the right business venture for you, you will be asked to undergo a concise assessment which is designed to confirm the following:

QPA support you will have:

Training: Our highly interactive programme covers a multitude of topics, from working remotely and delivering our services, to pricing and business development.

Business and IT support: We fully utilise systems to help productivity, communication and our sales process. We do our best to direct you.

The Power of the QPA Brand: We have a range of clients internationally, in different industries and year on year we continue to extend the reach of the QPA brand.

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Check Out

QPA Namibia

Welcome to QPA Namibia, a distinguished franchise operating within Africa and overseen by our esteemed associate, Emilie Lifo. Our mission is to assist businesses in enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing productivity through a comprehensive array of administrative, technical, and creative services meticulously designed to cater to the distinctive requirements of enterprises.

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